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A staff is provided as follows for efficient and effective performance of official and public services of the Hon. Members of Parliament.
No. of posts                      - 06

    • Research Officer- 01
    • Secretary- 01
    • Typist- 01
    • Office Assistant- 01
    • Driver- 02

Nature of appointment

  • A temporary appointment.
  • Not entitled to a pension.
  • This post will remain until such time either the term of office of an Hon. Member of Parliament remains valid or the service is terminated at discretion of such Member.
  • Appointments to this post are made on recommendation of the Hon. Members of Parliament.
  • Recruitments are made out of applicants in Public Service/ Provincial Public Service/ Corporation or external applicants.
  • A degree received from a recognized university should have been obtained for the post of Research Officer.
  • Driving license is required for the post of Driver.


  • In case an officer is appointed to this staff out of the Public Service or Semi-Governmental Service, he may draw either the salary entitled to his substantive post or the salary pertaining to this staff, whichever is higher.
  • In case employees in Public Service/ Provincial Public Service/ a Corporation are released and appointed to the staff, their salaries are re-imbursed to relevant institutions.
  • Monthly pay reports of the substantive service station are called in for the purpose of salary re-imbursement.
  • In re-imbursement of salary, this Ministry pays only the salary, Cost of Living Allowance, Special Allowance, Interim Allowance, EPF and ETF paid by the substantive service station.
  • Travelling expenses, subsistence allowances, Overtime allowances, bonus, medical and insurance etc. are not paid.
  • Salaries for externally recruited personnel are not paid by this Ministry.



  • Only one person of the staff recommended by the Hon. Member of Parliament is granted with a monthly travelling allowance of Rs. 400.00.
  • A Festival Advance of Rs. 10,000.00 is paid on the basis of monthly recovery from salary for national and religious festivals such as Sinhala New Year Festival, Christmas Festival, and Ramazan Festival.
  • A person who has completed a period of service of 06 months is entitled to a gratuity allowance at termination of his service, which is 20% of his basic salary to be paid on the basis of number of months served.
  • Those who are released from Public Service are not entitled to this allowance.


Member Staff Establishments Division

  • Member staff appointments, termination of service
  • Release of those who are proposed to be appointed to Member's Staff from public service, temporary attachment, re-imbursement of their salaries.
  • Calling in performance evaluation reports for public servants and sending them to substantive service stations (for Research Assistants)
  • Appointments, termination of service of Members' Staff
  • Release from public service, temporary attachment and re-imbursement of salary of those who are proposed to be appointed to Member's Staff
  • Calling in Performance Evaluation Reports for Public Servants and sending them to substantive service stations (for Research Assistants)
  • Getting annual salary increment orders approved
  • Preparation of identity cards
  • Cabinet paper work pertaining to Member's Staff
  • Member's staff training.