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Establishment Division is entrusted with proper organization and implementation of all administration and establishment matters coming under purview of the Ministry.

  • Work on Advisory Committee of Parliament.
  • Co-ordination with President's Office, Prime Minister's Office, other Ministries, Departments and Institutions.
  • Maintaining general administration and discipline of the Ministerial staff.
  • Performing establishments work of Ministry Officials.
  • Maintenance and updating personal files of officers.
  • Issue of official identity cards to Ministerial staff.
  • Approval of loans based on requirements of Ministerial staff.
  • Maintenance of all vehicles of the Ministry and provision of transportation facilities.
  • Making the administration efficient by proper daily mail distribution and methodical distribution of letters dispatched out.
  • Training Ministerial staff.

Computer Division

  • Up-dated maintenance of computer system of the Ministry and operation and maintenance of its associated electrical and electronic devices.
  • Efficient maintenance of Internet and E-mail.
  • Running the computer network provided by Lanka Government Network Project.
  • Matters pertaining to preparation of progress reports.
  • Maintenance of data banks containing information pertaining to the scope of the Ministry and formulation of computer programs.
  • Providing assistance for computer work of the office staff.